Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making Ice Cream

Today I have a  layout I made of my oldest making ice cream.  He had a project to do for school. The assignment was to learn something new, and then give a small presentation about it.  He decided to learn how to make ice cream (bonus was getting to take the ice cream into school for a snack during his presentation).

I've really been wanting an excuse to use Carta Bella's Homemade with Love collection, and this was a pretty good reason. The colors in the collection just happened to go well with the colors of my (very dark) photos and even helped brighten them up a bit. 

The sticker sheet that went with the collection wasn't quite right for my ice cream layout, so I trimmed some of the icons from the patterned paper and popped them up with some Pop Up Glue Dots®.  A pretty simple way to scrapbook some school fun.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Summer Mango Butter Soap

I have another soap recipe to share with you today.  It's a Summer Mango Butter Soap made with goat's milk.  I wanted a soap that was a bit heavier on mango butter than any recipe I could find on the internet, so I came up with my own.  Mango butter is richly moisturizing, is great for treating cuts and skin rashes, and isn't as greasy feeling as shea butter. Oh, and it smells amazing! I used in in a lotion bar as well (I'll have to share that recipe another time!), and it's just as good a soap as it is in a lotion bar.

I've been using this soap for a few weeks now, and it is luxurious, moisturizing, and silky smooth.  The color in the photo is natural and comes from the mango and the goats milk.  I call this soap summer soap for a few reasons.  There's just something about mango butter that feels like it should be in a summer soap.  This soap is also made from my friend's goat's milk (thanks Julie!), and using milk instead of water adds extra moisture (by way of fat) to the lotion.  Finally, I added some castor oil to make it lather nicely. Please note, I do not use palm oil in any of my soap making. I've found that soybean oil and olive oil make very nice alternatives. Now on to the recipe (as with all my soap recipes, I'm just sharing the recipe.  There are lots of great tutorials out there on making cold process soap, so it's just the recipe here).

Summer Mango Butter Soap
8 oz Mango Butter 
16 oz Olive Oil
10 oz Coconut Oil
8 oz Soybean Oil
2 oz Castor Oil
6 oz Lye
14 oz Goat Milk
Optional 2 oz essential oils at trace (lavender and orange go very nicely with this soap)

Because of some of the oils used in this soap, I do like to let it cure for closer to 6 - 8 weeks. However, using it after 4 weeks won't hurt anything, it just won't be as hard a bar of soap as if you allow it longer curing time.  If you make it now, it will be ready just in time for the summer!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Make a Back to Back Mini Album

I have a mini album over on the Pebbles blog today that I used the Back to Back binding style to make.  I thought I'd show here, how to make a back to back mini album with a little photo tutorial. 

My finished album measures 4" x 4", however you can change your measurements to make this quite a bit larger or smaller. 

I started by cutting and scoring my inside pages.  I needed 4 pages plus the cover, so I cut 4 - 4" x 8" pieces of patterned paper for the inside pages.  These are scored at 4" and folded in half. 

I gathered these pages together, and measured how thick they were to decide how big I wanted my spine to be.  They were about 1/4" thick.  I like to have a little bit of embellishment room, so I decided to add 1/8" to that, so I will make my spine 3/8" thick. 

To make my cover, I cut a piece of patterned paper to 4" x 8 3/8" (that's 4" for the front cover, 4" for the back cover and 3/8" for the spine).  Then I scored it at 4", turned my paper 180 degrees and scored it again at 4". 

Your cover should look like the picture above now. 

Now it's time to assemble your book, and here's where the back to back gets its name.  I start with the inside pages first.  Place adhesive on the back side of your first and second pages (the side that you don't want to see).  Place the backs of the pages together and firmly adhere, matching up along all edges.  Repeat this until all of your pages are adhered together.

To adhere the cover to your pages, put adhesive the back side of the very front page and the inside of the front cover of your album (in the photo above, that's the gray paper and the alphabet paper).  Line up the pages and press firmly together.  Repeat the same steps for the back cover.

When you're finished the spine of your album will look like the photo above. 

You can leave the album as is (album of the left), or round the corners of all the pages (album on the right).

When you're done decorate the cover and pages.  To see how I decorated the insides of the rest of the pages of my Milestone Mini Albums, head on over to the Pebbles Blog.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hello Again Zoo Layout

Today I've made a layout using Carta Bella's Hello Again collection.  I'm still slowly working through our photos from our trip to the Omaha Zoo last summer, and I just finished another one, Here's my Hello Again Zoo Layout:

I talked about cheating hand written titles by cutting them out with a die cutting machine here.  I used my Silhouette to cut the Omaha title.

Then to give it an even more hand drawn feel, I sketched a line underneath it with my Zig Wink of Stella black brush tip marker.  If you haven't tried these markers before, I highly recommend them.  It doesn't show up well in my photograph, but the have some shimmer/sparkle to them.  They come in black, white, silver, and gold.  You can also get them with a more traditional marker tip (and in more colors), but there's just something about the brush tip that I really like.

 I layered up some of the papers and embellishments in a few spots on the layout. 

Pretty simple, but I've got another layout finished and into the books (well, sitting in a pile waiting to be put in a scrapbook at least).

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Camping Layout Uisng Wildflower

Today I have a camping layout using Wildflower from Carta Bella. We celebrated the end of last summer with a quick little camping trip.

 As you can see, Wildflower was perfect for scrapping a few pics from our adventure.  It has a lovely nature, woodsy collection that is a bit different than any other camping collection out there.

I have to tell you though, scrapping can be dangerous.  I've been scrapping these photos from our camping trip and remembering the fun...and I said yes to something I told my husband and boys would never, ever, ever happen...I consented to buying a camper:

After this summer, I have a hunch you'll be seeing a few more camping layouts from me...and truthfully, I can't wait!

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Layout Using Basic Grey Highline

Spring means baby animals on Grandma & Grandpa's farm.  My kids love seeing, petting, and even holding the baby animals.  When I got Basic Grey's Highline collection, I wasn't necessarily thinking spring on the farm, but you know what?  It was perfect for this layout.  Here's my spring layout using Basic Grey's Highline collection.

I started knowing that I wanted to use some of the paper that had orange on it, solely because it made my photo pop (it mirrors the orange in my son's sweatshirt).   From there I just started papers and stickers that I liked and layered them up.

I know that beautiful hand-painted titles are really in style right now. However, I don't have good enough handwriting to pull this off, so I cheated and pulled a font that looked similar to a handwritten title and cut it out in black paper with my Silhouette.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lego Layout

 My kids love Legos.  They've gone to a few small local Lego competitions, they've both had Lego themed birthdays, and there are Legos everywhere in my house (even though we've made them a very nice Lego play area).  It sometimes gets hard to scrap the same thing over and over, so I was really excited about Simple Stories new DIY collection.  No, it's not a Lego themed collection, but the bold, bright colors are perfect for scrapping pics about Legos.  Here's my Lego layout so you can see what I mean:

One of the perks of working at AWDML is that I get to play with some of Lisa's sample papers before the products actually make it to the store.  So, if you love DIY as much as I do, keep your eyes open, it's not in store at AWDML yet, but will be very soon!

There's actually a bit of pink in this collection as well, but it didn't really go with my theme, so I strategically cut it out of the papers I used, or hid it.  For example, there's a little pink under that journaling pocket from Pebbles Inc that I used. Side note: I love those journaling pockets.  I can almost always find one that matches my layout perfectly!

I stuck with some simple, bold Thickers for my title.  I'm a bit of a Thicker junkie, but seem to be partial to the foam ones right now.  I just happened to have these 2 colors in the same font, which worked well for this layout.
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